New frangipani perfume – Haitian Frangipani

  A new frangipani perfume – Haitian Frangipani. Using slightly aged frangipani absolute from Haiti combined with vetiver (khus khus grass) from Madagascar and sandalwood for a deliciously green, earthy and liqueur-like aroma that is a bit reminiscent of sugar canes. Frangipani flowers are most fragrant at night to lure moths to pollinate them. The inspiration for this perfume first began in… Read More

Grenadian Chocolate Perfume

Inspired by the complex, aromatic cocoa beans found growing on the island of Grenada, Grenadian Chocolate Eau de Parfum features notes of rich, bittersweet dark chocolate obtained from the fruit and seeds of the cocoa bean plant has been used to give a genuine chocolate aroma. Top: Fruits Heart: White floral and rose accord Base: chocolate, vanilla, woods Fragrance type:… Read More