Methyl laitone – the scent of creamy coconut milk


Methyl laitone is a synthetic fragrance ingredient I became familiar with a few years ago. I fell in love with it immediately and have since been using it in nearly all of my blends. It’s lactonic (sweet and milky), works as a base note, and can bring a formula to life by giving it “cosmetic body and milkiness”. It has a refined but powerful nature and makes you think of coconut, tonka bean, vanilla and butter. It’s an excellent ingredient to use in floriental or gourmand accords, or you could try it with lavender absolute, benzoin, vanilla and tobacco for a beautiful coconut/caramel scent. Try combining it as well with sandalwood and one of the musks.

Givaudan – the supplier who developed methyl laitone – also recommends its use with white florals such as gardenia and tuberose, and in fruity accords like peach.

This is an ingredient that will really spark your creativity as a perfumer and allow you to imagine all sorts of new and exciting scent possibilities.

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