Lime leaf, bush tea, frangipani perfumes

A selection of my locally made perfumes currently available at Andromeda Botanic Gardens in Bathsheba, St. Joseph. In small sizes of 5 ml or 10 ml, they make perfect little stocking stuffers or travel-friendly gifts.

Orange Blossom Eau de Parfum

Notes of orange leaf, lemon, jasmine and teak wood. A beautifully floral perfume in a base of natural sugar cane alcohol. 5ml – $65 BBD

Haitian Frangipani Parfum Extrait

Rare & luscious frangipani essence from Haiti in a base of sugar cane alcohol. 5ml – $70 BBD

 Bush Tea Perfume Oil

Inspired by the traditional healing teas and herbal remedies of the Caribbean, this tea-based fragrance contains notes of red bush (aka rooibos), citrus and green tea. 5 ml – $40 BBD

Lime Leaf & Vetiver Perfume Oil

Fragrant blend of local lime leaves and khus khus grass (vetiver) in coconut oil. A unisex, green and herbal perfume for those who like non-traditional scents. 10 ml $48 BBD

Geranium de la Reunion

Geranium flowers from Reunion Island blended with cedarwood, mandarin orange and spice. 5ml – $34 BBD

Kenyan Black Tea Beauty Balm

A natural beauty balm infused with quality tea leaves from Kenya. 2oz – $21 BBD

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