Star jasmine

Been seeing this little beauty in the late afternoon for many years now, and only recently did it occur to me to look it up. Star jasmine (Trachelospermum asiaticum) also known as Confederate jasmine or Asian star jasmine, is native to China and Japan, but is not a true variety of the jasmine species (Jasminum). In Barbados I usually see… Read More

Jasmine in India

The House of Dior recently released in French (for the English subtitles click on the ‘cc’ button under the video with the other controls) a series of short films entitled The Quest for Essences. The series features some of the classic raw materials used in Dior’s perfumes and beauty products, the countries that Dior acquires them… Read More

Honeybush tea

Honeybush is a plant indigenous to the East and West Cape of South Africa traditionally used to make a bush tea or herbal infusion. In South Africa it is also called “bergtee”. It’s very similar to the more well-known red bush tea (aka rooibos) also from South Africa.  I love drinking green tea, but prefer to drink it before 6 pm. Honeybush… Read More

Agarwood in the Bible

Agarwood is mentioned five times in the Bible. Four times in the Old Testament (Numbers 24:6; Psalms 45:8, Proverbs 7:17, Song of Solomon 4:14) and once in the New Testament (John 19:39). It is sometimes referred to as aloes or aloeswood in these passages, which has  nothing to do with the aloe vera plant that we know of… Read More

Rose de Granville

This video by the House of Dior describes how their plant researchers have developed their very own species of rose – Rose de Granville – which they breed and cultivate exclusively for the fashion house in the Loire Valley, France. The rose is grown organically in the Dior Gardens, under special climatic and horticultural conditions which… Read More

5 natural perfume ingredients I can’t wait to try

Now more than ever before, it seems like there is an abundance of rare and precious natural fragrance ingredients obtainable from the plant kingdom. And it seems like they are also becoming more accessible and affordable for small home-based artisans like myself. Here’s a brief round-up of five unique and contemporary aromatics that I recently… Read More