Happy New Year

  This is a mood board I’ve been creating on Pinterest to collect some of the ideas and images that have inspired me in 2013. I’ll be adding pictures to it gradually. This year I was moved by so many things, and even made a couple great discoveries in music and books. I’ll also be talking more about the inspiration behind my… Read More

What is an accord?

  An accord is basically when you combine two or more aroma materials together to create a completely brand new odour impression that is harmonious and balanced. It’s a concept similar to that found in music – whereby a chord is described as three or more musical notes played simultaneously to create harmony and balance to a song. Without chords,… Read More

Methyl laitone – the scent of creamy coconut milk

Methyl laitone is a synthetic fragrance ingredient I became familiar with a few years ago. I fell in love with it immediately and have since been using it in nearly all of my blends. It’s lactonic (sweet and milky), works as a base note, and can bring a formula to life by giving it “cosmetic body and milkiness”…. Read More

Growing pineapple…….in a plant pot

I’ve been inspired to do this since some very knowledgeable guys who grow and sell their own fruits and vegetables gave me some tips. They said it should take about a year before you get a pineapple, but they know of someone who got one to grow in six months! Also, Pinterest has lots of… Read More

Creating the scent of tobacco flowers – Part 1.

Late last year I managed to acquire a small bottle of tobacco absolute. Using it as guide, I will finally attempt to recreate the scent of tobacco flowers. The tobacco absolute came from Bulgaria, and was extracted from the leaves of the nicotiana tabacuum plant. It’s a dark brown oil, and quite thick and syrupy…. Read More

Kyphi, The Sacred Scent

Received my copy of ‘Kyphi, The Sacred Scent’ by Karl Vermillion in the mail yesterday. Kyphi (kaphi) was an ancient Egyptian holy incense and sacrificial oil made from at least twenty different raw materials and plant ingredients. And it is thought to be the oldest-known documented fragrance formula on record. We already know that fragrance… Read More