Floral dishes inspired by the Chelsea Flower Show

    Flower power was definitely in the air thanks to this year’s Chelsea Flower Show. And it seems as though some of London’s top chefs have created a whole range of floral treats – from entire menus to afternoon teas and cocktails, no doubt inspired by the horticultural atmosphere of this annual event. Florally… Read More

‘From Plant to Bottle’ – Perfume Garden wins gold at Chelsea Flower Show

Take eight grains of musk and put in rose-water eight spoonfuls, three spoonfuls of Damask-water, and a quarter of an ounce of sugar. Boil for five hours and strain it….”   This is the original recipe for a perfume created for Queen Elizabeth I in the 16th century, and the inspiration for The Perfume Garden,… Read More

Luxe Spices: Salt

If you had lived during the 15th century, you might have used this beautiful receptacle to store and serve your grounded salt in, just like how we use regular salt and pepper shakers today. During this period, salt and pepper were costly commodities and elaborate receptacles such as this were appropriate for their storage in princely… Read More

Egyptian Queen’s Perfume To Be Resurrected

If ancient treasures and discoveries fascinate you like they do me, you will find this very interesting: The favorite scent of powerful Egyptian “she king” Hatshepsut may be resurrected from the dried remains and residue found in a 3,500-year-old perfume bottle (pictured at top). X-ray photographs of the 4.7-inch-tall (12-centimeter-tall) bottle, from the permanent collection… Read More

A Brief History of Vanilla

Vanilla is a tropical climbing orchid, with a long green fleshy stem that sprouts roots that cling to trees parasitically. Its yellow or orange orchidaceous flowers grow in bunches, which bloom one flower each day, opening one by one during the two month season. Vanilla cannot grow naturally in temperate climates. In nature they are… Read More