The Tamarind Seed

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Photo from Barbados Travel Guide

I’m pleased to announce that some of my products are now available at the lovely Tamarind Seed Lifestyle boutique in Barbados. The Tamarind Seed specializes in authentic, locally made art and craft.

Their range of items includes pottery, mahogany woodwork, artisanal wines and condiments made from mango, soursop, tamarind, etc. Also textiles, cigars, jewellery, bath and body, books and prints.

Along with the above (which all make beautiful gifts) you can also purchase my Barbados Sugar Cane Syrup Soaps and two of my perfumes – Orange Blossom Eau de Parfum and Haitian Frangipani Parfum Extrait – there as well.

The Tamarind Seed has two locations: The Artsplash Centre in Hastings, Christ Church (located opposite the scenic South Coast boardwalk), and The Courtyard located at Grantley Adams International Airport.

The Tamarind Seed Lifestyle

Tel: 1 246-230-0700


The art and craft of distilling orange blossom water

“The Guglielmi family has re-started harvesting their prized orange blossoms two generations after the family patriarch was forced to shut down the operation. Now Pietro and family are producing what Slow Food has dubbed a Ligurian delicacy: Bitter Orange Blossom Water.”

A Gullah-inspired perfume

Experimenting with some ingredients for a perfume inspired by the natural setting of St. Helena and the movie and novel Daughters of the Dust by Julie Dash. I’ve moved away from some of the original ingredients I was hoping to use. At the moment I am unable to source sweetgrass essential oil.  Sweetgrass basket weaving is an integral part of the Gullah people’s craft… Read More

Borough Market – part two

I won’t be making it back to London this year. These are a few more photos of Borough Food Market, located at London Bridge, that I took during my trip there last summer. Can’t believe it’s been over a year already!

New frangipani perfume – Haitian Frangipani

  A new frangipani perfume – Haitian Frangipani –  is now available. Using slightly aged frangipani absolute from Haiti combined with vetiver (khus khus grass) from Madagascar and sandalwood for a deliciously green, earthy and liqueur-like aroma that is a bit reminiscent of sugar canes. Frangipani flowers are most fragrant at night to lure moths to pollinate them. The inspiration for this… Read More

Honeybush tea

Honeybush is a plant indigenous to the East and West Cape of South Africa traditionally used to make a bush tea or herbal infusion. In South Africa it is also called “bergtee”. It’s very similar to the more well-known red bush tea (aka rooibos) also from South Africa.  I love drinking green tea, but prefer to drink it before 6 pm. Honeybush… Read More

Coffee growers face uphill battle against climate change

  This article was written by The Antillean Media Group and can be read in its entirety here: We enjoy these daily luxuries such as coffee, tea and chocolate, but it is so easy to miss or disregard the whole chain of events – both natural and man-made – that take place in order to make these… Read More

Pure camellia oil for skincare

I have a slight obsession with natural plant oils. I love to use them around my eyes and on my face especially at night as part of my beauty/skincare routine. They tend to work better on my skin than cream moisturizers – I love their simplicity, gentle fragrance, and the way they seep slowly and luxuriously… Read More

Olive oil soap re-launch

This weekend I’ll be re-introducing one of my more popular soaps, a pure, unscented olive oil bar. This was one of the very first soaps I ever made and it has always been received favourably by customers, but it got placed on the back burner over the last few years while I got caught up with work, studying… Read More

Wish List Wednesday

Some fragrant gourmet desserts I am currently craving…..   Greek Yoghurt Olive Oil Cake by The Artful Desperado Thandai by Orange Blossom & Jasmine Cake by Talita’s Kitchen