Stemone – perfumery material

'Wet Grass' photo from Delectable Decadence on Tumblr

‘Wet Grass’ photo from Delectable Decadence on Tumblr

Stemone is an aroma chemical manufactured by Givaudan, the Swiss manufacturer of flavour and fragrance components for the food and perfume industries.

It was developed to be used as a middle note in perfumery, to evoke the smell of green, leafy, freshly cut grass. The first time I smelt Stemone it indeed gave me a powerful reminder of wet grass. It has a lovely, natural aroma of  fresh green grass intermingled with rain or early morning dew, or a damp forest. It’s a very strong aroma chemical that I imagine you would add quite sparingly to a perfume formula.

Givaudan recommends its use with fragrance notes such as lily-of-the-valley, narcissus, mandarin, fig leaves, grapefruit, black currant and tomato. They also say it is “an excellent modifier that strengthens and modernizes green notes.”

If you wanted to create a green leaf accord in your perfume formula, Stemone would prove very useful. It’s also an important aroma chemical to use if re-creating the odor of fig leaf or gardenia.

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