Jasmine in India – House of Dior presents The Quest for Essences

Christian Dior recently released a series of shorts featuring some of the raw materials used in their perfume and beauty line, the countries that produce them, and the process undertaken to acquire them. This one features jasmine flowers acquired from India.

September Facebook giveaway contest

Hi everyone, I’m pleased to announce my first-ever Facebook giveaway contest, beginning THIS THURSDAY (September 17). This competition is exclusive to Facebook for the month of September, so to be eligible to enter simply head on over to my Facebook page, and follow the instructions on how to enter. (Also, on my Facebook page I share news… Read More

Floral edibles

I’ve been collecting images of floral edibles on Pinterest for some time. What exactly are floral edibles? They are basically any dish, drink or food that is infused with flowers. The flowers become a main part of the dish, not just used as a garnish. Normal everyday meals can be taken to a whole new… Read More

Soap making: a few resources for beginners

  The first soap I ever made – back in 2002 – was a simple unscented soap made entirely from pure olive oil. I had found the recipe online, and it was written and explained in such an easy, non-intimidating manner – for example, instead of weight measurements it used liquid volume measurements with which I was… Read More

Geranium Perfume Oil

I have a new perfume  available – Bourbon Geranium Perfume Oil – made from geranium flowers that were sourced from Reunion Island, a country that I would very much like to visit one day.  The essential oil that is obtained from geraniums by steam distillation of the leaves and flowers has a strong rosy, sweet-floral scent. I like the smell… Read More

Sugar cane soap with lemongrass

Coming soon, another in the range of the sugar cane soaps. And like before, handmade from scratch using freshly pressed sugar cane juice during the harvest season in Barbados. The juice is blended into a base of coconut, olive and castor oils, set in soap molds and left to cure for six to eight weeks… Read More

Perfumer’s garden at Chelsea Flower Show

The annual RHS Chelsea Flower Show took place this year from 19 to 23 May in London. The concept for the garden display of L’Occitane, the French bath and body company, at this year’s show was the history of the perfume industry of Grasse, France. The perfume industry in Grasse, France has been in decline… Read More

Stemone – the scent of freshly cut grass

If you wanted to create a note of freshly cut grass in one of your perfumes, then Stemone, an aromachemical manufactured by Givaudan, would prove very useful. Givaudan is the Swiss manufacturer of flavour and fragrance components for the food and perfume industries. Stemone was developed to be used as a green, leafy middle note in perfumery. The first time… Read More

Tibetan tea, scented cake recipe, and finding a lost perfume formula

Hi everyone, just wanted to share the links to three interesting stories centered around scent and culture that I came across this week: An up-close look at Yak Butter tea, the national drink of Tibet (npr.org) A recipe for orange-scented olive oil cake from saveur.com And for the recently held, much-talked about Met Gala in NYC, a vintage perfume formula was… Read More