New frangipani perfume – Haitian Frangipani


picA new frangipani perfume – Haitian Frangipani –  is now available. Using slightly aged frangipani absolute from Haiti combined with vetiver (khus khus grass) from Madagascar and sandalwood for a deliciously green, earthy and liqueur-like aroma that is a bit reminiscent of sugar canes.

Frangipani flowers are most fragrant at night to lure moths to pollinate them.

The inspiration for this perfume first began in a church yard during a funeral I attended. In certain cultures, frangipani has a symbolic association with death and immortality and is frequently planted in grave yards.


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Pure camellia oil for skincare

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Olive oil soap re-launch

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Givaudan’s perfumery school

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More thoughts on frangipani

I decided to re-analyze the frangipani absolute from Haiti for the first time since I wrote about it here and what a difference a year makes! The aroma straight from the bottle has definitely mellowed a lot, and it is now more floral, sweet and fruity. I am also able to smell frangipani flowers on… Read More