Coffee Bean Solid Perfume

coffee bean1

Photo by Warren Linton Photography

New perfume! This creamy, gourmand fragrance was inspired by Jamaican coffee and contains a Blue Mountain Coffee and vanilla bean infusion. It’s also rich in floral notes of frangipani and jasmine. The perfume – made with a base of soy and olive waxes – has been encased in a gorgeous, antique-style perfume compact made from solid brass that can be retained long after the perfume is used up.

This all-natural solid perfume is currently available on the island at Andromeda Botanic Gardens, Bathsheba, St. Joseph, The Tamarind Seed Lifestyle Boutique at the Grantley Adams International Airport, or can also be purchased from my Etsy store.

coffee bean2

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Lime Leaf & Vetiver

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The Tamarind Seed

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A Gullah-inspired perfume

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