Perfumer’s garden at Chelsea Flower Show

The annual RHS Chelsea Flower Show took place this year from 19 to 23 May in London.

The concept for the garden display of L’Occitane, the French bath and body company, at this year’s show was the history of the perfume industry of Grasse, France.

L'Occitane Perfumer's Garden Chelsea Flower Show

The Perfumer’s Garden by L’Occitane won a gold medal at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show

The perfume industry in Grasse, France has been in decline for several years with many of the traditional gardens becoming overgrown; The show garden was designed to reflect this, as well as a sort of renaissance of the perfume industry. It was deliberately made to look wild, long-neglected and overgrown with weeds growing amongst the flowers and herbs. This naturalistic view represented the history of the perfume industry, combined with “an emerging, more tended feel to show the importance of Grasse in the current perfume industry.” (photos from The Royal Horticultural Society)





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